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Designing and building are about understanding the customer's needs, budget, and timeline. Once these are understood, a proper scope, budget, and schedule can be developed, taking desires and constraints into consideration.


Even then, one must look to the future to ensure the project is flexible enough to provide utility and an economic benefit to the owner far into the future.


We manage the property and project development process for owners from the acquisition of the property, development of the concept, through design, construction, and occupancy, including:

  • Identifying and acquiring suitable property for the need and budget

  • Managing the entitling process when required

  • Negotiating with city public works, planning and other departments as needed throughout the process

  • Prepare programming and project scope of work

  • Solicit for bids and negotiate contracts with designers and contractors

  • Managing architects and engineering consultants from start to finish

  • Review of schedules and providing input and guidance

  • Construction Management of the contractor throughout the construction phase

  • Reviewing change orders for entitlement, cost and schedule impacts

  • Analyze the appropriateness of green energy solutions for the project

  • Assist with occupancy and move in

    A schedule to a project is just as important as the drawings and specifications. In many ways the schedule is the all-encompassing plan once the decision to proceed with the project is made. Without a logical and accurate critical path method (CPM), the project cannot be executed in an orderly fashion. In most cases this can be the cause of delays and cost overruns. We can prepare the master schedule against which the architects and contractors will be compared to. Once the project is under way we will help track it and help in analyzing the design and construction schedules to keep the project on track and mitigate possible delays. The project schedule is the plan that defines how the project will proceed and how long each step will take. In most cases, if the schedule is maintained the project will be successful for all parties.
    PROJECT PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT Once the decision has been made to develop a project one of the important things to handle first is to develop the program. The program defines the project and it's needs. The general program will then lead to the more specific aspects of the project including the size of the building, the number of floors and even the number of parking spaces required. This will identify the specifics of the property that must be acquired to accommodate the program. WHAT IS A PROJECT PROGRAM? By way of a simple example; if the project is a clinic, one must determine the type of services to be offered, how many exam rooms, the size of the waiting room and reception area, the number of doctors’ offices, how many nurse stations are needed, the number of staff and patient bathrooms and other aspects, etc. Once the program is developed the project can then go on to the next steps of identifying the property to acquire or use, estimating the cost and developing a more accurate schedule. From the cost information an accurate projection of the economic benefits to be gained from the project can be made. These can include the payback period and rate of return which can be used to determine the economic attractiveness of the investment. We can assist you in this very important part of the planning.
    One of the most, if not the most important thing to know before proceeding with a project, if it is economically feasible. You probably want to know: How much will it cost? What will be the rate of return (ROI) or the internal rate of return (IRR)? How long will it take to pay for itself? In order to determine these economic performance parameters the customer must know how much the project will cost and how much it is expected to return in economic benefits. We can help you develop a cost estimate for your project in order to help you determine it economic performance. The secret to developing an accurate budget is to develop a sound and detailed scope or program so that the estimate is built on a sound basis. Developing the scope and estimate is something we can offer if you even at very early stage of the project. From the program and scope of work we can prepare the cost estimate(s) so that our customer can perform the economic analysis. If it is desired we can even prepare the economic analysis in conjunction with input from our customer. OWNER'S PERSPECTIVE Having been a contractors for 25 years and being involved in real estate as an owner provides us with a unique perspective in our mission. We understand that property development and construction is not an end in itself but a way for owners to increase their sales and profits
    HYSICAL PROPERTY CONDITION ANALYSIS: Before going ahead with purchasing a property to develop for a particular use the physical condition of the property and its systems must be assessed. We can offer inspection services to determine the structural condition of the building(s) and the age and condition of the roof, the mechanical and electrical systems. From this information one can determine the attractiveness of the price being contemplated for its acquisition. In addition to the inspection services we can prepare scopes of work and cost estimates to determine the financial investment that must be made in order to bring the property to a condition that is suitable for the use being considered. If the property is raw land to be developed we offer an assessment of it is physical suitability for the use being considered taking into account, access, size, zoning and cost of construction relative to the program for the project.
    Before purchasing a property for development the potential owner must make sure that the property is suitable for the type use being contemplated. The first thing that must be done is to determine if the property is in fact zoned for the use being contemplated. This is of course the least complicated route to take. However the circumstance of the project may make it attractive to locate it in a particular area either because of cost or other market factors. If the property is not zoned for the use contemplated, then then owner must be willing to go through what is generally referred to as the entitlement process which can encompass some of the steps listed below.
    Once a client has decided to embark on a project they will need to retain an architect or a design build team appropriate to the project. We will assist in identifying and evaluating the teams being considered depending on the delivery method chosen. Flores Consulting Services as the owner’s project manager will develop the appropriate project delivery method to conduct the project from bidding through construction. The selection and development of an appropriate project delivery method is necessary to insure the client receives the best value from the design and construction teams ultimately selected. The three most common project delivery method and the ones we feel are most effective are the Design, Bid, Build (DBB) method, The Design Build (DB) method and the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method. Each has its unique application depending on the project. Once the delivery method is selected Flores Consulting Services, Inc. will manage the entire effort from beginning to completion of the project. This includes: Identifying, soliciting for proposals and selecting the design teams Overseeing the design effort through plan check to insure that it will adhere to budgets and schedules Identifying, soliciting for proposals from construction teams Overseeing the construction process and working on removing roadblocks that may hinder progress Reviewing and analyzing schedules and delays and assisting in mitigating potential delays Reviewing change orders for entitlements and cost Insuring the project is closed out properly and record documents are produced and delivered Identifying the appropriate contract to use with each entity. We favor the American Institute of Architects (AIA) series of contracts. In all most every case the AIA will have a contract that is appropriate for the circumstance
    GREEN SUSTAINABILITY AND LIFE CYCLE COST ANALYSIS Flores Consulting Services Inc., can help in determining and evaluating the appropriateness of applying sustainable green measures to your project. In almost all cases there is usually some green measure(s) that can be incorporated into the design. We can perform a life cycle cost analysis of the operational cost of your new development taking into account all cost of the building over its life relative to its intended use taking into account the effect of green building measure designed into the project. We can help with evaluating and implementing measures that make economic sense such as: Sustainable electrical generating systems such as: photovoltaic wind energy systems concentrated solar energy systems for electrical generation or cooling co-generation fuel cell electrical generation and absorbtion cooling Water conservation measures and systems Sewer discharge mitigation Passive conditioning systems Increased usage of process heat normally rejected to cool or heat buildings Life cycle cost take into account the three main costs associated with a development and include: First cost of constructing the project Land cost Design Permits and agency fees Construction Costs Cost of sustainable green measures Operational Costs Electrical Water Gas Maintenance Personnel Costs and Cost of Production Salaries Wages Benefits Cost of production (raw materials, office supplies, furniture, computer systesm, etc.) To determine the type of buildings, system and green measure to apply we usually only concern ourselves with the first two (first cost and operational costs), however they can have some effect on personnel costs and cost of production. Because of our engineering background we can investigate and analyze all types of measures that can save on operational costs because we understand the engineering principals that underlay green sustainable ideas. We can therefore zero in on the most cost effective alternatives for your development. We believe that a revolution in the application of green technologies to the building industry will happen quickly if they add value to the project. We have the know how to help you determine those that are appropriate to your project.


We are a non profit community healthcare organization. On our projects Flores Consulting Services oversees the entire project from developing the scope, securing the design team and contractors and overseeing their work.. Nato handles the projects as if he is the owner and we highly recommend FCSI.

Lorraine Estradas CEO, Arroyo Vista Family Health Centers.


We must be passionate about what we do no matter what it is. My father was a developer, and when he acquired land, planned and built on it, he did it to the highest standards the area would allow. His reasoning was simple:

We must build and maintain our properties as if we will live or work in them. This gives us pride of ownership while providing a good product to our tenants. At the same time it allows us to rent to the best people, charge the highest rents in the area and maintain a low turn over rate, all of that means higher profits.

The underlying philosophy of doing a good job all the way through is universal no matter the business one is engaged in.


Nato Flores 

President Flores Consulting


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